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          History and Culture


          Establishment and Evolution
            Neijiang is a city with long history. It belonged to Liangzhou city in Xia and Zhou Dynasties, and Yongzhou city in Zhou Dynasty. In the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Period, Neijiang belonged to Ba prefecture and then Shu prefecture chronologically. Neijiang was part of Zizhou city in the Western Han Dynasty, and of Han’an county in the Eastern Han Dynasty. It was called Zhongjiang county in the Northern Zhou Dynasty and Neijiang county in Sui Dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Wen of Sui in the Kaiyuan year (581 A.D.), Wen read the map of Zhongjiang. To avoid duplicating his father’s name, Zhong (忠) , Wen renamed Zhongjiang as Neijiang when he observed that the county was surrounded by the river. That was more than 2000 years ago. Neijiang prefecture was established in 1950, then it ?belonged to Sichuan Province in 1985. In 1988, Neijiang region was divided into two cities, Ziyang and Neijiang, with the approval of the State Council.
          Cultural Deposits
            Neijiang gave birth to talented people from generation to generation, such as Zhao Zhenji, Zhao Kui, Luo Chengxiang, Zhang Daqian and Zhang Shanzi, Fan Changjiang and Yu Peilu. Ten talented men were born here, including the teacher of Confucius, two Secretaries, three number one scholars and four masters.
          Neijiang stands in picturesque setting with multitudes of places of interest. For example, the ancient memorial gateways in Longchang, Shengshui Temple, ancient Xilin Buddhist Temple, delicate inscriptions on cliffs of Mount Chonglong, the Thousand-hand Bodhisattva in Donglin Temple, Zizhong Confucius Temple and Zizhong Wu Temple built in Ming Dynasty. There are beautiful landscapes, such as fantastic vault landform at Weiyuan, karst cave in Mount Shengling, twisting and crooked Tiancheng Lake as well as bird-watching base at Guyu Lake.