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          Economic Development

            [Social Economy] In 2016, the city's economy has maintained a steady and progressive development trend, and has realized a favorable start of “13th Five-Year Plan”. The annual GDP reaches 129.767 billion yuan, which ranks 10th in Sichuan province; The annual GDP increases by 7.8%, 0.1 percentage point higher than the provincial average level, the growth rate ranking 12th in the province. Total investment in fixed assets is 90.552 billion yuan, ranking 14th in the province; it increases by 12.7%, 0.6 percentage point higher than the provincial average level, the growth rate ranking 7th in the province. Total investment of the city's 235 key projects is 23.19 billion yuan, which is 13.7 percentage point higher than the number in annual plan; Total investment in our own 11 key programs is 1.94 billion yuan, which is 39.6 percentage point higher than the number in annual plan; Comprehensive energy consumption per ten thousand yuan GDP decreased by 4.8 %.
          ?  [Reform of the economic system] We laid down Work Focuses and Standing Book of Specialized Group in Reform of Economic System in 2016, andset out Top Priorities in Further Reform of Economic System of Neijiang City in 2016. The government has tried to finish the task with several delicate steps and bring about task allocation and specific requirements.?
            Furthering the reform of investment and financing system Municipal Development and Reform Commission has drafted Opinions on Further Promoting the Healthy Development of Private Investment and tried to build a more flexible, comprehensive and well-organized market environment, indeed solving the problems of high cost and difficulty of financing, constantly reducing the cost burden of enterprises, clearly pointing out entity responsibility of local governments and branches and sufficiently taking advantage of investment potential, confidence and vigor among the people to promote our economy constantly and healthily. The government has tried to diversify sources of investment and has been faithfully fulfilling the national and provincial policies of activating investment among the people. The government has launched total 42 second-round key programs which aim to encourage social investment. These programs includes regions of transportation infrastructure, municipal infrastructure, affordable housing and shantytowns, health pension, energy saving, environmental protection and tourism development. These programs involve a total investment of 14.7 billion yuan. According to the notice of Sichuan provincial finance department 〔2016〕59, the government has faithfully carried out the work of filtering the third batch of Ministry of Finance’s Government-Social Capital demonstrative projects. There are totally 12 projects. Among them, 3 are primarily selected to be Ministry of Finance’s third batch of demonstrative projects. The government has indeed generated innovative programs, focused on projects breeding, accelerated preliminary work, strengthened projects supervising system and formed a projects breeding mechanism of “functional departments put forward preliminary ideas- proprietors of projects take responsibility in capital calculation-local governments select projects”.
            Furthering the reform of financial and taxation systemThe government has printed and distributed Overall Plan in Further Reform of Financial and Taxation System of Neijiang City and has accomplished all requirements of 6 aspects. Urban and rural maintenance and construction tax for earmark has been canceled; budget information has been published to public as required; total budget of municipal "three public" expenses decreased by 1.2%, which realize the purpose of decreasing without increasing; Performance evaluation of city-level finance and full coverage of four kinds of budgets has been accomplished; Program of tax increase and income division has been sent to counties and districts through Announcement of Neijiang People's Government on the Implementation of the State Council and the Provincial Government's Decree to Adjust the VAT Income Division( Issued by Neijiang People's Government〔2016〕16); Municipal state-owned capital operating budget made up 20% of the general public budget.
            Furthering the reform of administrative approval system In 2016, an e-government citizen services platform has been established and put into pilot run. The functional situation of “one platform to ten zones” has been formed. One platform means the general service center, and ten districts include public life service district, citizen cultural service district, political interaction district, real estate transaction service district, social insurance service district, housing provident fund service district, immigration service district, administrative approval district, intermediary service district and administrative district. One platform and ten districts cover 283 staff and 365 projects of 55 departments and units. Promoting intellectual administration construction The government has invested more than 3 million yuan to put over 500 sets of various intellectual terminal devices into use and realized electronization in services such as information publicity, information query, row number ordering, row number calling and publicity and education in government service hall. Meanwhile, the government has organized settled Public Security Exit-entry Administration, State Tax Department, Local Tax Bureau, Social Security Bureau, Telecommunications, China Mobile, Water Supply and Sewage Department and Electric Power Bureau to provide public with electronic self-service devices. The government has also improved the web portal of government service center and made use of WeChat and microblog of government service center to deliver work information of government services to the public with multi channels. The government has registered a WeChat official account for Neijiang government affairs center. In doing so, public can easily gain information with their cell phones and save the trouble of using computer for information. The government has accelerated the work of linking government service with internet and it has began building intellectual government service platform with the purpose of “applying with only one account, handled by only one window, managing with only one website ”. In doing so, it has made the whole process of government service more easy, ordered and standard. Therefore, a thorough catalogue of government services has been formed. Raising efficiency. Compared to the condition of 2015, office area is 5.4 times bigger, the number of settled staff is 2.5 times more, and the number of processing cases is 3 times more. All cases have been accomplished on time, on the spot and the people are all content about the service.?
            Intensifying the rural financial reform After the approval of the provincial government’s finance office and the provincial committee of agriculture and industry, Yongan Long specialized and rural financial mutual-aid organization of aquaculture in Shizhong district has been operating for nearly 2 years. In the early stage of the two years, Shuai Xu, the director of banking and insurance division of provincial government’s financial office, inspected the pilot work of rural mutual financial organizations with his team. And the Neijiang rural financial mutual-aid organization has obtained a full affirmation of the work. In 2016, the mutual-aid organization issued more than 3 million yuan in loans to more than 70 members, playing an active role in alleviating the members' short-term funding needs and offering the members start-up funds. Four criteria were adopted for issuing loans (less than 10,000 yuan, 0.78 %; from 10,000 to 30,000 yuan, 0.84 %; from 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, 0.9 %; and more than 50,000 yuan, 0.96 %, none is allowed to be more than four times the bank's benchmark rate for the same period), and the low interest rates on loans reduce the cost of financing for members.
            Furthering the reform of foreign investment management system We have formulated the Opinions on Implementing the Special Implementation Plan for the Reform of the Management System of Foreign Investment in the Whole Province, and the reform of the management system of foreign investment should be regarded as a breakthrough point for further openness and cooperation, and the organizational leadership and policy guarantee should also be conscientiously strengthened. Many working objectives have been achieved, including the management of foreign investment projects, the management of foreign-invested enterprises’ contracts and articles of association for approval, registration system of foreign investment registered capital, simplification of record-keeping system of foreign investment on real estate, improvement of the openness of foreign investment in manufacturing, orderly expansion of the access for foreign investment to service industries, encouragement of foreign investor to make innovations of investment methods. The joint annual inspection system shall apply to foreign-invested enterprises and we should strengthen the operational analysis of foreign investment enterprises, and establish a complaint handling mechanism for foreign-invested enterprises. The establishment of a comprehensive supervision system for foreign-invested enterprises will soon be achieved and so does the establishment and improvement of the credit system of foreign-invested enterprises .
            ?[Supply-side reform] In accordance with the requirements of the State Council and the provincial government, the city has reinforced the supply-side reform in 2016 to promote the solid, orderly and efficient development of the city's economy.
            Improving the institutional mechanism Neijiang government has set up a leading group of supply-side reform . And it has taken the lead, in the whole province, in issuing the Opinions on Great Promotion Efforts of Supply-side Structural Reforms to Promote the Sustained and Sound Development of the Economy and Society (No. 7 document of the Neijiang municipal committee of the CPC (2016)), and Implementation Opinions Concerning Carrying Out the Policies and Measures of Provincial Government on Maintaining the Stable Development of Economy and Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Supply-side Structural Reform (issued by Neijiang city government (2016) 14). It is required for the government to establish a mechanism including a quarterly conference, periodical supervision and announcement, and financial support. In addition, we ought to also do analysis and report quarterly.
            Stepping up efforts on the program of capacity reduction, de-stocking, deleveraging, cost reduction, and improving underdeveloped areas. In this year, our target is to "phase out the backward and redundant production capacity of Chuanwei Group, which contains 1.1 million tons of pig iron and 1.2 million tons of crude steel "? The coal industry has reduced its coal production capacity by 640,000 tons and completed its target for the year ahead of schedule. In 2016, the real estate development investment reached 12.281 billion yuan, dropped by 0.86% from the same period last year. The total inventory of the city's commercial housing decreased to 3.11 million ㎡from 4.16 million ㎡ at the end of 2015. The total inventory decreased by 25.24% and the reduction period was shortened by 5.4 months. The balance of local and foreign currency loans of banks and financial institutions in the city was 73.217 billion yuan, ranking 14th in the province, increasing by 4.338 billion yuan from the beginning of the year, and ranking 17th in the province in terms of growth rate. The balance of loans to small and micro enterprises was 14.544 billion yuan, increasing by 1.291 billion yuan, representing a year-on-year increase of 10%. We will comprehensively carry out pilot projects for the reform of "replace the business tax with a value-added tax," reduce electricity prices of general industry and commerce, expand the supply scope of natural gas, and reduce the cost of water, electricity, and gas for enterprises by 180 million yuan. The contribution rate of basic endowment insurance paid by employers for employees decreased from 20 % to 19 %. The average rate of employment injury insurance decreased from 1.67 % to 1.54 %, and the total rate of unemployment insurance decreased to 1 %. To streamline administration and delegate power, there are 12 government funds, 18 items of administrative fees and charges, and 55 pre-conditions of approval process which has been abolished, suspended, integrated or exempted. Our primary mission is to win the “three big battles”(industrial development, construction of infrastructure and poverty alleviation) and to solve the difficult problem with all our strength and make up for the deficiency. We should focus on the development of industry,and? implement the "seven major actions" (layout optimization, supporting projects, reinforcement of execution, integrative development, brand building, guarantee of essential elements and environmental improvement)and build the structure of “one center and four bases". In addition, government must speed up the construction of infrastructure such as transportation, energy, municipal administration, water conservancy, information, and environmental protection, and constantly improve the conditions for urban and rural development.